More fun with numbers and the media

I’ve found USA TODAY’s “Coronavirus Watch” newsletter very useful during the pandemic. But today’s lede is a perfect example of the type of cherry picking I mentioned yesterday: Is there cause for concern? Numbers are going up, right? Well, yes, but how much? “Alaska and Arkansas more than doubled cases in the last week.” Okay, […]

When Montréal cops move to the Ontario countryside

I’ve never written much about my impressions of television shows or movies, largely because I don’t usually watch many of them. I used to see one movie a year in a theater, just to say I’d seen one, but I think I didn’t see any in 2019 and last year was a wash for obvious […]

No “late surges” or “comebacks”: Elections are not football games

I touched on this yesterday, but since it doesn’t look like we’ll be moving away from mail-in voting any time soon, I think we need to reconsider how presidential elections are covered. A big reason why Trump and his supporters can claim that the election is being “stolen” is because the initial numbers on Election […]