About Tom

Tom Kephart approaches each day with the grace of a panther and the caution of a small boy with a pointy stick. He’s been writing about technology issues since his first review of his grandparents’ eight-year-old Admiral model P17D21 television. Something about “rich black and white tones of the Captain Kangaroo show;” alas, the rest is lost to posterity.

Tom Kephart
Tom Kephart

With a curiosity about people and things limited only by an unfortunate fear of riding on buses, Tom has traveled to several of the United States in search of adventure. Also, after thinking about it for years, he finally visited California.

Tom is married to his high school sweetheart. He has two adult children who can’t stand it when he calls them “adult children.”

He is the owner and creative director of Tom Kephart Communications LLC in Marine City, Michigan. Previously, Tom spent over two decades in higher education, most recently as Director of Admissions and Marketing at St. Clair County Community College in Port Huron, Michigan, which means, naturally, that he’s a pretty hot plate of oatmeal, baby. People know him.

Tom’s also an actor and director in the legitimate theater, believing that the whole “film thing” will soon blow over. He used to teach acting and improvisational theater at SC4 as well, so if there was ever a shy bone in his body, it’s been removed and put in a jar of formaldehyde by now.

He’s been a writer, graphic designer and programmer for over 30 years (which is a quarter and a nickel of a century), but that’s only about four in doggie years. Tom’s labored over HTML code on dozens of projects, and sometimes even remembers to close his tags properly. Experience with CSS, JavaScript, XML, PHP, SQL, LAMP, and other letter/number combinations adds to the fun when he’s working on a project. He is rather fond of open source content management system software, especially WordPress, though he’s also used Joomla and Drupal with success.

Tom is infamous for singing for beer in karaoke bars. He’s also available for bar or bat mitzvahs, provided you want to hear an oversized agnostic sing the blues. Who knows? You might.

Though Tom loves the outstanding benefits of being a gadfly and man-about-town, he is as attracted to shiny piles of money as the next guy. If you’re looking for a writer or graphic designer or web developer, contact him, provided you have shiny piles of money. (Actually, dingy piles of money are okay, too.)

After decades of watching the world spin madly past and being a small part of it himself, Tom Kephart continues to be fascinated with the creative spirit of humanity. And, of course, vintage television receivers.