I can’t decide if watching Donald Trump try to defend himself in the upcoming impeachment trial would be the best or the worst thing ever. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be anywhere near the middle of that spectrum, though. And I wouldn’t miss a minute of it.


In the “Anything is possible but very few things are likely” file today, we have this from Los Angeles. I suppose it’s possible that the government has been trying to mind-control us with fluoride in our water and through vaccinations for decades. If so, they’ve done a very poor job of it, or they’re playing the longest-possible long game. Or we’re already mind-controlled and these people are the only ones who’ve avoided it somehow. Occam’s Razor applies here.


There aren’t many trades in the NFL, and even fewer that can be called “blockbusters.” This is one. Matthew Stafford leaves the Lions to head to L.A. (watch out, Matthew, apparently the “MARK of the BEAST AHEAD” out there) where he might just have a chance to win a playoff game or two. Best wishes to him. The Rams send their erstwhile former #1 overall pick, Jared Goff, who still potentially has some upside (though Detroit isn’t the first place I’d want to go to find out if that was true), plus not one but two first-round draft picks and another third-round pick. The Rams get the solid, top-rated quarterback they’ve needed and the Lions… well, the Lions get to start another rebuild. Maybe this time will be different, but, as noted before, anything is possible but few things are likely.

Have a nice Sunday.