Sunday news scan

I can’t decide if watching Donald Trump try to defend himself in the upcoming impeachment trial would be the best or the worst thing ever. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be anywhere near the middle of that spectrum, though. And I wouldn’t miss a minute of it. 2 In the “Anything is possible but very […]

Faith and begorrah

Quick… name something you believe in. Don’t tell me! (I know you can’t, this is a blog.) Now, this thing you believe in, whether it’s a person, a being, a concept, an object, or whatever, how strongly do you believe in it? Are you certain it exists? Is there any way someone could convince you […]

The Detroit Lions: Cradle of mediocre coaching

UPDATE (Nov. 28) – Add Matt Patricia to the list of former Lions coaches. The now 4-6 Lions announced that he, along with general manager Bob Quinn, have been “relieved of their duties” this afternoon. Let’s take a break from the depressing state of American politics today. Let’s talk about something uplifting and positive, instead. […]