broken LP records

Rode 11.95 miles late yesterday afternoon, and it was nice to be able to wear short sleeves and bike shorts again after a few days of insulated gear. Looks like the next few days will be pleasant and unseasonably warm as well so I should be able to get some nice outdoor rides in.

Wahoo Kickr
Wahoo Kickr bike trainer

I am planning to ride indoors seriously this winter after the work I’ve done this year. I ordered a variable resistance trainer from Wahoo about a week ago; it’s backordered so I don’t know when it’ll get here, which makes the decent outdoor weather even better. I have a basic trainer I’ve used in the past but it’s incredibly loud because the resistance is against the wheel rim. The Wahoo Kickr requires the bike’s rear wheel to be removed and then the chain goes directly on the 8-speed cartridge on the trainer instead. Looking forward to getting to play with it along with Zwift, which is a cycling course simulator that will connect to the Kickr (kind of like playing a video game but on your bike).

When I move my Trek indoors to the trainer, I’m going to get my old Schwinn mountain bike back up to riding trim again so I can use it outdoors if the weather allows from time to time this winter.

I’ve ridden four times already this month so I was pretty sure that was a record for October for me, and I was right. Out of curiosity, I decided to check Strava and see what my records are for each month of the year:

MonthMileage recordYear
October 542020

I didn’t start riding this year until around Memorial Day but I’ve compiled 1,291.6 miles (2,078.6 km) so far in 2020, which broke my calendar year record of 1,043.8 set in 2018. I’ve ridden for 102 hours, 15 minutes so far this year, breaking the record of 77 hours, 5 minutes, set in 2015. And I’ve completed 91 rides so far this year, which broke the record of 56 set in 2018.

With the improved indoor setup I’ll break my November and December records on the first ride each month! I’d like to keep averaging about 350 miles per month (indoor and outdoor as long as the weather allows) which would net me another 1,000 miles or so before the year ends.