A dog and pony show and the case for the American Party

There are now about a dozen Republican senators who say they won’t vote to certify the results of the presidential election unless an “emergency 10-day audit” is done of all of the votes cast. This follows dozens, possibly over 100, of Republican representatives in the House saying they will also contest the results. Since it […]

Enough with the conspiracy theories. Where’s the evidence?

There are not 74.2 million Americans who are willing to march in the streets to overturn the outcome of this year’s presidential election. Many Americans are disappointed, even angry, about Joe Biden being elected the 46th president of the U.S. But only a small number of them are still going to Trump rallies (that are […]

Election wrap-up – for now

So Joe Biden will be the next president. I’m not surprised, that seemed pretty much what the end game was even late on Tuesday. I appreciate the work that was done by poll workers, municipal and county clerks, and secretary of state staff members all over the country. As usual, there were few mistakes and […]

No “late surges” or “comebacks”: Elections are not football games

I touched on this yesterday, but since it doesn’t look like we’ll be moving away from mail-in voting any time soon, I think we need to reconsider how presidential elections are covered. A big reason why Trump and his supporters can claim that the election is being “stolen” is because the initial numbers on Election […]

A Very Special Episode ends in a Cliffhanger

It makes sense that Donald Trump, who was a reality television star before we’d even come up with the term, would expect that last night’s episode of “American Nightmare” should have had a nice, clean conclusion at the end. That’s how TV works, right? Except that sometimes we have cliffhangers. They give a boost to […]