I didn’t watch the presidential debate last evening. I already know how I’m voting in November, and I don’t need the additional stress of watching Donald Trump lie, over and over, without anyone calling him out on it. So I didn’t watch and have largely avoided the post-mortem commentary online this morning.

However… I am aware that Joe Biden had a terrible evening. He was, apparently, not sharp, which has relit – with a blowtorch – the ongoing debate that he’s too old to run for president again.

While it would have been better if his performance had been stronger, Joe Biden may actually be too old to run for president again. I’ve thought so for some time. It is, frankly, an indictment for the way we elect presidents that there was no serious consideration of this by those who could have affected the nominating process. Joe Biden, assuming he wanted to, was going to be the incumbent Democratic nominee for the most important job in the world’s most powerful nation, even if he was no longer the best choice for the job.

Donald Trump is only four years younger, of course. He’s also too old for the job. He’s every bit as incoherent, though many news reports about his nonsensical word salads are ignored or downplayed. Some media outlets actively want Trump to return to the White House, but I suspect that other more mainstream publications feel that they have to treat him with at least some respect on account of him being the presumed Republican nominee. That’s wrong: Trump doesn’t deserve to be treated in a “normal” manner because he is as far from a “normal” major party candidate as has ever run for office. He is a convicted felon, a compulsive liar, a racist and misogynist. He panders to whoever will massage his ego the most. He has no constant principles other than whatever makes him happy. This is not what we deserve in a leader at any level, much less the President of the United States. He is objectively awful.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, is a decent human being who, while certainly not perfect, has done a good job over the past three and a half years to try to improve the lives of most Americans. There are many issues where I disagree with Biden; the most egregious is his administration’s approach and handling of the situation in Gaza over the past year. But compared to the overall incompetence, corruption, and malfeasance of the former Trump administration or a potential second chance, which will be even more unhinged and terrible than the first, there isn’t really a choice for me.

We treat presidents as all-powerful beings. We give them the credit or the blame for everything that happens during their time in office. The reality, which is more complex than the average voter is interested in, is that electing someone to the office of president means we’re electing their whole team. And like the men themselves, there’s a big difference between the people Joe Biden has put in charge of the levers of the federal government and those that Donald Trump will choose. Another Trump administration would be an abject disaster. A second Biden term, even with an aging executive at the helm, will keep our democracy intact – at least until January 2029.

It’s a simple choice, which is why I already know how I’m voting. Would I like younger candidates to be the Democratic (and Republican) nominees? Absolutely. Am I going to get that? Almost certainly not, even after last night’s events.