Not a great day. I haven’t felt good all day after eating a big cheeseburger and steak fries last night (still made at home, I haven’t eaten out since March). That’s not what I’ve been eating and it kept me up during the night and I never felt right during the day.

It’s the kind of feeling that before losing the weight, I’d have packed it in for the day and sat around feeling sorry for myself. To be honest, I did the feeling sorry for myself, but I surprised myself (and my family) by suggesting that we actually put Christmas lights in our front yard. We haven’t done that for years, but this year I just wanted something nice. So my daughter bought some new LED lights this morning and we put them up as the sun went down. Here’s a picture:

It also looked like I was going to break my current streak of 25 days closing all three rings on my Apple Watch. But I got on the treadmill and walked – virtually, using Google Street View – up Duval Street in Key West and then back down Whitehead Street, about 1.75 miles. So the rings got closed and the streak goes on.

Tomorrow will probably be a better day, but today turned out okay in the end.