This week’s band is a brother and sister and father who play together as Andvari. They mostly play great covers on their Twitch channel. When I say “great” it’s because they often have a different twist to a song than the original artist, which I enjoy. After all, if I wanted to hear the original version I’m sure I can find it on Apple Music or Spotify. I tend to take the same approach when I play a familiar song.

Andvari is Cory (who I believe is known as Andvari in the online games he plays, hence the name of the band), who plays acoustic guitar and sings; his sister Brittney, who is mostly a vocalist but allegedly plays other instruments sometimes (I’ve yet to see her do that); and their father, who is only called “Dad” (though he told a story the other night and it turns out his name is Tom – what a great name!), who plays guitar, bass, and sings backing vocals. Occasionally Cory does a gaming stream on the channel, but it’s mostly music of late. Britt has her own Twitch channel where she also streams games and other things.

The stream features the normal mix of music and interaction with their fans in the chat window. The fun part of Andvari to me is how much they obviously like each other. Cory and Britt are both adults and it’s kind of touching to me how close they seem to be. My kids are also very close to each other, but it’s not guaranteed that siblings will remain close when they grow up, so watching Andvari is a pleasant surprise. The fact that they regularly get to play music with their dad is also cool, and fairly unique on Twitch, where the performers tend to be in their 20s and 30s.

Here’s a clip of them doing Stevie Nicks’ “Landslide.” Enjoy.