I’m tired. All of the time.

I know I’m not alone.

I also know that there are so many people who are in much more difficult situations. I’m one of the lucky people. I’ve been able to keep my job, as have my wife and my two grown children. If anything, the restrictions on traveling and going to restaurants and bars has proven to be beneficial to my personal finances, not to mention my overall health.

But despite losing fifty pounds and feeling pretty great physically, I’m still tired. Every day is the pretty much the same. Work isn’t as fun as it used to be. Working from home isn’t the same, and I miss my co-workers and being around college students instead of just seeing them in a virtual meeting.

I’m working, but the college has lost employees. We haven’t furloughed or laid anyone off, but attrition has reduced the number of people in most areas, and the slack has to be picked up by someone. We spread that around as fairly as possible, but in the end, some of that ends up with me.

Our political mess is exhausting. I’ve never wanted an election to be over more than this one. Yet I’m also worried about what happens after the results are known – or worse, if they’re not definitive and the mess just keeps getting worse.

Mental health is everyone’s concern. At some point, we all can reach a point where it becomes hard to convince yourself that it’s worth it. I’m sure I’ll feel better about things tomorrow. But I don’t expect to be any less tired.

Hang in there.