“What am I going to do?”

This comment from Trump tonight at a rally in Georgia:

It’s good he’s thinking about it, because it’s increasingly likely that it’s going to happen. I find it somewhat comforting that he is contemplating life after being president. In many ways, I think it would be a relief for him, since he didn’t appear to really want the job in the first place. Maybe he will go peacefully (though his supporters are another question).

On the other hand, he loses the prime visibility of being the “leader of the free world,” the ability to violate the emoluments clause repeatedly for his own and his family’s benefit, and, most importantly, whatever immunity from prosecution being president may confer on him. He might want to leave the country just for that reason.

The Trump brand was always pretty sketchy. Now it’s radioactive. But there’re probably still some suckers waiting to be fleeced somewhere in this great big world after he returns to just being “The Donald.”