Twenty-four hours later, having had enough time to really consider the question… was anyone really surprised by Trump’s behavior last night at the debate? In the immortal words of Dennis Green:

This isn’t a new observation or comparison but we seem to keep forgetting it: Trump is the loudmouth at the end of the bar who knows how the world ought to be run, and it invariably would benefit him. Women? Oughta be at home having babies and cleaning the house. Students? Why waste time going to college, I didn’t go and I turned out fine. Protesters? Should all be arrested, doesn’t matter what they’re protesting. Homeless people? Wouldn’t be homeless if they’d go get a job. People who don’t look like him? We should put them all on a boat and send them back where they came from.

You know this guy. There are plenty of them. Under normal circumstances, we just nod politely and move to the other end of the room. But right now that guy is living in the White House. And those guys get even more vocal and angry when they feel threatened, and man, is Trump threatened right now. It’s a good thing he doesn’t drink, because I can only imagine what an ugly drunk he’d be.

The Commission on Presidential Debates said today that they would be making some changes in the format of the next debate. Unless they’re considering soundproof booths so that Trump’s microphone can be turned off if he interrupts or starts rambling, it’s hard to imagine a format that would keep him in check.