I asked this question on Monday:

The question, then, is what are Democrats willing to do if they find themselves in control of the House, the Senate, and the presidency in January (and assuming that the current administration is willing to leave peacefully). It’s not certain, of course, but it’s possible. If that happens, are they willing to govern in the same manner, or will they be constrained by “fairness?”

Tom Sullivan was even more pointed asking it on Digby’s Hullabaloo yesterday:

Are leading Democrats the last frogs in the pot to realize they are slowly boiling? 

Their need to uphold norms and reluctance to play political hardball means underdeveloped muscles will not be there when needed both in state capitols and on Capitol Hill. And when is right now. Too many seem not to realize Republicans threw out the rulebook. How many have the chops to play as rough as you can bet Republicans will?

The desire not to contribute to the ongoing dismantling and delegitimization of our federal government is real. I get it. It’s hard to rail against the GOP throwing out the rule book if you’re breaking rules yourself. But following the rules is pointless in a game where one side commits endless fouls and the referees refuse to call any penalties – or worse, have been paid off by the violators.

The next few weeks before the election are going to be intense, but it’s the weeks after that that I’m worried about.