I forgot to do “Music Saturday” yesterday, so you get it today instead!

Alanna Matty is a singer-songwriter from Toronto, here’s an older song that she hadn’t recorded before. It’s about an historic building full of memories that’s going to be removed in the name of urban development. As she notes in her comment on this video…

This city has a habit of tearing down landmarks to build condos, and this is a song I wrote about a bar that they tore down a few years ago, but now with Sneaky Dees on its way out it seems appropriate again, so i figured it was time to actually put it out there.

Fortunately, it looks like Sneaky Dee’s will be around for awhile longer in their current location and likely somewhere else even if the request to redevelop the building at College and Bathurst is approved. Of course, the history, memories, and ghosts will have to be uprooted along with the name, so Alanna’s song still hits home.

Here’s “Tear It Down” by Alanna Matty:

She also streams live on Twitch.