Responsibility and law and order first, then – perhaps – we can begin to heal

It is both fascinating and infuriating to watch members of the GOP, long self-identified as the party of “law and order,” “personal responsibility,” and more recently the leading actors in the “Blue Lives Matter” playacting exercise, suddenly calling for “healing” and “unity.” If the mob that descended on the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday had actually […]

If not now, when?

Yes, the people responsible for the insurrection on Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol must be arrested and prosecuted. I know there are political reasons why sometimes crimes are not pursued by law enforcement and the court system. There can be extenuating circumstances. Those do not, and can not, apply here. This is not someone being […]

Phone calls, strongmen, and sedition

A couple of observations, and then I’m going to recommend you read a column by Tom Nichols, who said exactly what I’m feeling and much better than I would if I tried. The phone call. Another “perfect” phone call, just like the one to the Ukraine in 2019. I read the transcript first, and then […]