Mather wasn’t the exception in MLB – He’s the rule

Kevin Mather had to go, of course. But his resignation doesn’t really change how awful the sport of baseball has become. Mather was, until today, the president and CEO of the Seattle Mariners, the only major league franchise never to have played in a World Series. Founded in 1977, the Mariners have somehow avoided making […]

Some quickies on a Thursday

Let’s see if that headline works as clickbait. 🙂 Racism is still alive and well in baseball A quick followup from yesterday’s post about MLB “recognizing” the Negro Leagues. Craig Calcaterra goes into more detail about how, even though the color line was broke in 1947, the damage from baseball’s racist policies continued and still […]

The Negro Leagues were always major leagues

Major League Baseball announced today that it now considers the Negro Leagues to be “major leagues.” This is long overdue. The various leagues that made up what we call the “Negro Leagues” included the Negro National League (which played from 1920 to 1931), the Eastern Colored League (1923-1928), the second Negro National League (1933-1948), and […]