Responsibility and law and order first, then – perhaps – we can begin to heal

It is both fascinating and infuriating to watch members of the GOP, long self-identified as the party of “law and order,” “personal responsibility,” and more recently the leading actors in the “Blue Lives Matter” playacting exercise, suddenly calling for “healing” and “unity.” If the mob that descended on the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday had actually […]

A dog and pony show and the case for the American Party

There are now about a dozen Republican senators who say they won’t vote to certify the results of the presidential election unless an “emergency 10-day audit” is done of all of the votes cast. This follows dozens, possibly over 100, of Republican representatives in the House saying they will also contest the results. Since it […]

The Gold War

What percentage of members of Congress really want to make things better for their constituents and the nation? I confess that in my younger years, I believed that number was pretty high. I knew there were some representatives and senators who were in politics for themselves, for the fame and hopefully the fortune. But they […]