The innocence of the early World Wide Web – Part One

I was cleaning out some (very) old files today and came across a few articles I’d saved back in 1995 when the World Wide Web was starting to gain public notice. It’s fascinating to read how exciting and new the web was then. So hopeful and upbeat. Today, of course, we’re almost all connected to […]

PageMaker, Illustrator, and the advent of digital publishing

Who remembers Aldus PageMaker? I do; without it, I wouldn’t be celebrating a 35-year career as a graphic designer. In late 1987, I worked as a technician in the engineering department of a major commercial food service equipment company in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. We made the big refrigerators, freezers, and preparation tables that restaurants use […]

Battle of the wombat haikus

I asked ChatGPT to write a haiku about wombats last night and wrote one myself after being inspired by its work. ChatGPT’s haiku: Wombats in the wild, Marsupial’s burrowed home, Night’s quiet, earth’s child. My haiku: Wombats, oh wombats! Oh! Wombats! Wombats! Wombats! Ohmigawd, wombats! Which one do you like better? (ChatGPT won’t be offended […]

Tales of Father Goose

Hundreds of fairy tales, children’s stories, and nursery rhymes are attributed to Mother Goose, an imaginary author with origins in France and England. There’s a reason why Mother Goose was given credit for these classic yarns: Father Goose was clearly an ill-tempered, dim-witted, jackass. I rode on the Wadhams to Avoca Trail yesterday afternoon, an […]


I taught improvisational acting for a few years at our local community college. It’s simple to learn the basic concepts of improv, but much harder to actually master it. I’m certain I never did, but I could improvise well enough to be able to teach others how to do it. The main rule of improv […]