Kamala Harris adds enthusiasm – and hope – to the presidential campaign

Having just discussed polls in my last post, I confess that I’m very interested in what the next few presidential polls show. The results themselves likely won’t match what voters do in November, which was already true before Joe Biden made his decision to leave the race.

Who knows?

Let’s talk about polls. Constructing the methodology for a poll is a very complex endeavor. Since it’s inefficient and expensive to do a poll of an entire population (that’s what elections are for!) multiple times, pollsters come up with a subset of people to survey that, hopefully, represent the overall population in an accurate manner. […]

You can’t always get what you want

I didn’t watch the presidential debate last evening. I already know how I’m voting in November, and I don’t need the additional stress of watching Donald Trump lie, over and over, without anyone calling him out on it. So I didn’t watch and have largely avoided the post-mortem commentary online this morning. However… I am […]