Sunday news scan

I can’t decide if watching Donald Trump try to defend himself in the upcoming impeachment trial would be the best or the worst thing ever. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be anywhere near the middle of that spectrum, though. And I wouldn’t miss a minute of it. 2 In the “Anything is possible but very […]

The bizarre “new normal”

I think the most bizarre part of the last year, distorted by political malfeasance and upheavals and a worldwide medical crisis unlike anything we’ve seen in at least a century, is how normal day-to-day life still is. I’m not just talking about a “new normal,” where we get used to the changes that have been […]

No time

There’s no time left for you. No one has any extra time. We barely have time to do the things we need to do for ourselves. This has, of course, only been made worse by the pandemic. While those who’ve been working at home (most of the time or all of the time) might seem […]

The smartest cows study all night to give Grade A milk

As I was serving up some vanilla ice cream for dessert tonight, I noted that Breyer’s is very proud of using only “Grade A” milk, which made me wonder for the first time if there is “Grade B” milk or even milk that fails completely (even if graded on a curve). It turns out there […]